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offers high quality financial reporting and small business bookkeeping for those who are ready to level up their business with proactive support and guidance. During our consultation, we’ll build a completely customized bookkeeping package tailored to your needs. Here’s how it works:

Our Process

Use our convenient online scheduler to book a consultation today to get started. On the call, we’ll talk about where you are with your business, any problems or barriers to growth you’re experiencing, and your goals for the future.

After your consultation, we’ll review your books and build a customized proposal tailored to your needs. During this step, we’ll provide a set of  recommendations for your bookkeeping process and suggest services based on our assessment of your unique situation.

If you’ve been doing your own books or errors exist, we’ll need to clean things up before we can get started. During this step, we’ll ensure that your books are 100% accurate and ready for the powerful steps we’ll take together!

Cleaning up your books is just the first step! Maintaining clean books so that you can continue to make confident decisions is essential. The good news is that we’ll be taking care of this for you from now on! We’ll maintain your books and keep your financials always up to date. That way, you can use them to level up your business and make confident decisions.

Depending on your package, we’ll meet up monthly or quarterly to review your books and strategize your next steps. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and work with us to strategize your future plans. We also offer advisory add-ons that will give you even deeper insights and support.

Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs Who Want to feel confident in their finances

Wondering what types of services might be included in your customized package? Here are some examples of the services and add-ons we offer to clients: 

Ready to level up your business and feel confident in your finances?

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