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For a lot of business owners, doing the books is a requirement and a chore, but what if we told you that you can actually use your financial data to amplify your success and help you take your business to the next level? At Lakeview Business Solutions, we help our clients not only eliminate the stress of bookkeeping but also use that data to drive confident decision making.

Our services go beyond the basic bookkeeping and financial reporting you’ve seen in the past. We work as a team with our clients to help them analyze their data, set clear goals, take a proactive approach to their finances, and ultimately, drive up their profits!

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Our Approach to Bookkeeping is all about stress-free finances

Here's what it means for our clients

Your decisions are only as good as your financial data! We ensure your books are accurate, provide an analysis of how things are going, and can even help you work through tough decisions with metrics in mind.

Having money in the bank is NOT the same as being profitable. We help our clients understand their true financial situation by giving them up to date and accurate data that they can rely on.

Did you know that cash flow is the #1 killer of small businesses in the U.S.? We help clients optimize their business for strong cash flow and create systems that promote business stability. The result? A sustainable business with a long-term legacy you can be proud of.

What if tax season could be easy? When you work with us, we actually deliver all the necessary financial data to your tax pro for you. This helps you avoid costly clean up fees at tax season and make plans to reduce your tax burden throughout the year!

Time is money! Instead of wasting valuable time on doing your books, spend it on making sales, growing your network, or improving your internal systems. By focusing on growth instead of back-office work, you’ll instantly accelerate your business.

Hi, I'm Jackie!

After over 25 years in the corporate world, I started Lakeview Business Solutions to help small business owners succeed! When I founded this business in 2016, I had a central mission in mind: to make bookkeeping easy for my clients while fueling their business with the kind of financial insights I’ve seen 7-Figure companies use to turn profits year after year.

My relationships with my clients are important to me, and I believe that our collaboration is a key factor in my clients’ success. With my support, my clients are able to keep a pulse on their business finances at all times, feel confident in every decision they make, and take action to build the business they’ve always dreamed about owning.

When business owners really dial into their financial data, that’s when they start to see big results. I’m here to help my clients do just that.

At Lakeview, our services are never just about recording and categorizing transactions. Instead, we view your data as a powerful tool for your success!

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